Providing More Sales Opportunities for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Generate more revenue with Ketsali by selling fractional units of luxury homes around the world.

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The Perks of Selling with Ketsali

Earn 3% Commission (Buy-side)

You earn full buyers agent commission, based on the share price. Have multiple buyers interested in the same property? Get paid a commission on the sale of each share.

Easy Streamlined Experience

It's easier than a referral – you arrange the buyer introduction, and we take care of the rest! From scheduling a home tour and answering client questions to managing inspections, escrow, title, reporting, and more!

Quicker Payouts

Collect your commission as soon as the share closes. With our LLC co-ownership structure, a unit can close in as little as one day.

Learn About Our Program

Like a referral, you can introduce Ketsali to your second home buyers. From there, we can keep you in the loop, or it can be a simple handoff. Either way, you'll earn full buy-side commission and get paid fast upon closing. Click the button below to dive into the Ketsali model, and learn how you and your clients can benefit.

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