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 We enable families and friends the ability to own Regenerative Homes that support health and sustainable living standards.   currently our developments include those in Central Mexico and North Dallas.

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Ketsali Regenerative Developments

Ketsali supports regenerative development strategies.   Regenerative strategies are sustainable living standards that not only support the environment but also support long term cost to operate a home.  We encourage our residents to challenge whoever they build with to offer truly sustainable living standards.

We believe communities must adopt new efforts to support off grid reliance, energy conservation, backup strategies, on premise vegetable gardens, water conservation, soil conservation and plant life conservation standards.    

Initial Property Developed

Ketsali has an 10,000 sq ft villa with 8,000 sq. ft of outdoor living space located on a vineyard in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  As a UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel de Allende was also named as the #1 city in the world by Travel & Leisure 2021 World’s Best List (T&L World’s Best Cities 2021).

Ketsali Armonía

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  • 7 Bed | 7 Full | 3 Half Bath | 2 Outdoor Showers
  • Private workout facility | Yoga Deck | Wood Sauna
  • Detached Staff Housing
  • Featured Listing

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