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Stay with Us

Whether you’re looking for a corporate retreat or a family getaway, you can embrace the finest luxuries through our expansive portfolio of curated homes and concepts, built upon excellence in quality and service.

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Experience with Us

We craft bespoke experiences aimed to bring teams and families closer together. This is through a rich cultural adventure that highlight aspects of culture such as art, architecture, cuisine, music, and much more.

Grow with Us

Every initiative has the intention of supporting the local communities around it. Whether we’re at home in Dallas, the city of San Miguel De Allende in Mexico, or another beautiful area of the world, we cultivate deep partnerships focused on growth, synergy, and charity.

Why Ketsali?

The name Ketsali refers to the colorful feathers of the powerful Quetzal bird of Latin America. The Ketsali feathers represent beauty, authority, and liberty, embodying the spirit of the luxury Ketsali brand. The significance of the name captures the Martins’ passion to build a community of individuals seeking these qualities.

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Living the Dream
of Luxury

Ketsali is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences in Latin America. We believe that building long-lasting memories through travel and culture helps bond families and corporate teams.

We seek to bring guests together for unique, luxury experiences, highlighting indigenous art, architecture, cuisine, music, adventure, and culture. The Ketsali brand will launch in the central region of Mexico with expanded locations throughout Latin America in 2020.

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Experience Ketsali

The Ketsali Experience can be summed up in three words – Stay, Live, & Grow. We believe that staying in our homes and villas provides ways to live & experience rich cultures that give insight into how we can grow together. Whether through business or charitable partnerships, the heart of Ketsali resides in how we impact the community surrounding us.

“We love the historical flair of these magical cities. We enjoy the food, music, adventure, and spirit of the people in Central Mexico. The Ketsali experience will free you from the hustle and bustle of city life and refresh your senses.”
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– Keren Martin, Co-Founder & President, Ketsali

A Whole New Experience

“Culture, the arts, cuisine, and music are essential to a vibrant community. Great communities are built from the close bonds developed within these experiences. By providing unforgettable hospitality experiences, we can build a sense of community. ”

– C.J. Martin, Co-Founder & Chairman, Ketsali

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