Corporate Retreat Agenda: How to Organize Your Time While On a Retreat

A corporate retreat is an excellent way to work on increasing team bonding and productivity within the workplace, but can be a difficult task to plan if you don’t have all of your ducks in a row. You have to consider the location of the retreat, as well as where you will stay, how you will get there, what you will eat and drink, and what you will do for roughly 10–12 hours throughout the day. You will also want to think about what your goals are for the retreat and how you plan to accomplish them during that time. In our previous post, we went over how to plan a fun and productive corporate retreat, and today we will be going more into detail on organizing your time so that you are able to make the most of your time while you are there.

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Plan Your Agenda

After you have the retreat planned out and the dates and bookings are set, you want to get started on crafting up your daily agendas. These are a great resource for your employees who will be in attendance at the corporate retreat and it will help them know what to expect during their time there. If you are doing a weeklong retreat, it really helps to have your goals laid out so you can plan to have them met during your time there. A common goal for corporate retreats is to get your entire team together in one relaxed place where you can be friends instead of coworkers and not stress over daily tasks. If this is the case for your corporate retreat, be sure to account for some quality R & R time within your agenda.

Schedule Fun Activities

You will want to have some events planned throughout the course of the week, whether it be going to explore the town, checking out a local museum, or going for a scenic hike. Doing this will allow your team to immerse themselves in the local culture and give them something to look forward to. Then maybe plan a night or two where you and your team try out some local cuisine and dance the night away at a local restaurant! The options for this are virtually endless, and it can be helpful to send out a Google form to gain some insight as to the types of activities that your team is into.

Fit Some Team Building/Bonding Activities In

As for team building, having these activities planned out is also crucial for success. While spontaneity can be great, it typically isn’t very effective when it comes to team-building exercises. Maybe you plan an evening where your team takes a cooking class or a big scavenger hunt where everyone works together to be the first ones to finish. This is always a fun one, especially if you spread across the city and allow your team to see new places they have never been to. For even more fun, have the separate scavenger hunt teams take silly photos throughout the course so that you can put together a fun slideshow at the end to present! Who doesn’t love seeing goofy pictures of themselves and their friends on the big screen to laugh about later on?

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Be Sure to Make the Last Night One to Remember!

The last night seems to always have a huge impact on corporate retreat-goers, so you will want to make sure it’s a blast! Whether you plan a big dance party at the retreat house with games and a fun video, a nice dinner with lots of laughs, or even an awards night where people win prizes like the “office prankster” award or the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” award — you will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your team and make them excited to come back next year.

All in all, after the nitty-gritty details of your corporate retreat are planned out and you have a basic agenda to follow throughout the week, your team is sure to have a great time. We know that coming up with an agenda can be tough to do, but being prepared can help to take much of the stress off your shoulders. If you are on the hunt for a beautiful place to host that has plenty of space and is immersed in a breathtaking culture in Latin America, give us a call at Ketsali today. We would love to provide you the perfect location for your next retreat so that it will be one you and your team will remember for years to come!

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