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Ketsali helps people buy, own and enjoy a true real estate asset. Most timeshares, in contrast, sell the right to use a fixed amount of time in a condo or hotel shared by dozens of people. Ketsali brings together a small group of co-owners to purchase a share of a single-family home and enjoy ongoing access. Ketsali handles all management details, provides full transparency on LLC operating expenses, and facilitates a seamless resale on the open market at any point after 3 years of ownership.

Yes. Owning a fractional share is truly real estate ownership. You purchase a share in a property-specific LLC (Limited Liability Company). The home is fully managed and designed specifically for co-ownership.

Investing in real estate is often regarded as one of the safest ways to hedge against inflation while providing an opportunity to gain appreciation on your capital. Fractional share ownership is no different from this concept, as the share value is tied to the value of the property.

Yes. The legal forms and closing process are like a standard home purchase. We partner with local real estate agents and pay full buyer’s agent commission.

You book time using the scheduling platform/app. It is easy to use and equitable for owners, based on the number of shares you own.

Ketsali manages all aspects of homeownership, including choosing and managing the property management company; maintaining the LLC and resolving any disputes between owners or the municipality; continually innovating and improving the Ketsali app and other digital technology to help homeowners schedule more efficiently, and providing K-1 tax forms and handling property tax payments.

Home operating costs, such as property management, maintenance, taxes, and repairs, are passed along directly to owners transparently with no markup. Costs are shared pro-rata.

NO, owners are not permitted to rent out or sell time on vacation rental sites or other public rental listing services. All guests must be registered and have the Ketsali owner app on their phones to access the home.

Yes. We manage the LLC as the asset and property manager on behalf of the owners. As property managers, we identify trusted providers with on-the-ground experience. We’ve established a technology-enabled feedback loop between owners and property managers to ensure communication is streamlined and quality is exceptional.

As a service to owners, Ketsali works with professional interior designers who decorate and furnish the home to suit its unique style and location. Our goal? To create luxurious surroundings for effortless living. We think you will love the modern finishes, smart tech, and beautiful décor. Each home is meticulously well-appointed with everything you need to cook, relax, and play, so you can just show up and enjoy your time.

Do not worry — you are protected. As the manager of your home’s LLC, Ketsali will manage the responsibility if an owner defaults on payments. This is one of the benefits of our ownership program.

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