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Ketsali develops sustainable homes for either direct sale or short- term rental.   We believe our rentals complement our development program as we seek to educate our guests on what Regenerative Ketsali Living is about.

Regen Villages are substantial shift in the way we live and function within our daily life from typical developments made over the last 50 years.  This movement was born out of a realization we cannot take for granted the food, water, energy and air we expect on a daily basis.  Sustainable living is self-sufficient.    Ketsali supports Regen Villages.  

Investing in real estate is often regarded as one of the safest ways to hedge against inflation while providing an opportunity to gain appreciation on your capital.   We however think this may be changing when it comes to investing in homes and other real estate that do not support Regen Strategies.    Regen homes useful life are significantly longer than standard lumber constructed homes.    We install Insulated Concrete Form “ICF” constructed homes developed by Ketsali.   These homes are structurally built to last well over 100 years.   They offer safe building shells from the environment and offer the highest level of energy efficiency.   

All homes developed by Ketsali include a complete energy transfer analysis.    What does that mean?    We confirm the energy transfer characteristics of the building structure and optimize the home to minimize loss of heat.   This means your home is perfectly balanced for energy transfer.      

Ketsali homes and village developments are characterized by significant plant, sustainable growing for food production, energy conservation, offgrid energy generation, optimized storm water runoff and water conservation standards.   We believe a home should be built to stand the test of time and protect you both externally and on an ongoing basis.   Likewise, your home and the village you reside within should offer sustainable living that protects the environment.   

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