How to Choose a Location for Your Next Family Vacation

Planning a vacation for your family is always an exciting time. You get to be together uninterrupted for a period of time where you get to bond and make memories that are sure to last. There are many different factors to take into consideration when planning a trip, including your budget, the size of your family, what your family’s preferences are in regards to a relaxing trip, and so forth. Every family is different, and there is not one perfect place for every family to visit. In today’s blog, we will be providing you with some ideas for choosing a destination and a place to stay for your next family vacation.

Pick a Time to Travel
If you have a partner who works and kids who attend school, you will want to be sure to pick a time that works for everybody in your family’s schedules. Many families opt to go on their vacations during their children’s spring break from school, but if your partner has a job that has conflicting obligations during that week, that is something else to keep in mind. Once you have a time narrowed down, you can move even further into your planning.

First and foremost, you will want to figure out your budget for your vacation. This includes how you will get to your destination, where you will sleep, food and drinks, activities, any purchases, and how you will get around once you are there. Creating a budget for your family can provide structure when narrowing down your search for a location.

Discuss Where You Would Like to Go
Are you the type of family who loves a beach getaway? Or are you a group of avid skiers who would prefer a snowy mountain escape? Do you want to stay in the country, or explore the unique culture of another? These are all factors to think about and discuss with your family before booking reservations. This can be one of the toughest steps in the process, as the world is huge and there are so many unique and beautiful places to experience. You are investing both time and money, so you will want to make sure that your vacation fulfills your needs and desires.

Consider Accommodations
Depending on where you decide to go, accommodations can range from countless options or none at all. If a getaway in the mountains is up your alley, be sure you select a spot with a few hotel options available within your budget — that is, unless you are the type of family who loves to camp and want to stay in a tent or RV! If a relaxing beach getaway sounds like everything you need, book a stay in one of the luxurious vacation homes that Ketsali has to offer in Latin America. Located in the exciting Latin America, you are presented with countless opportunities to relax on the beach, try authentic Mexican food, go shopping and dancing, and immerse yourself in the unique culture that it has to offer.

family vacation with ketsali

If you need further assistance with itinerary suggestions in Latin America while staying with Ketsali, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would love to help you with planning the family vacation of a lifetime while you stay in one of our luxurious vacation homes.

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