Ketsali introductory destination “Armonìa” is nominated for the International Travel Awards 2021

The Ketsali Family

The Ketsali Family

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Ketsali Hospitality has received a nomination for the “Villa” category for their introductory destination “Armonia” located in San Miguel de Allende.

Ketsali will be contending for the following three awards – 

America’s Best Hideaway Villa 2021

America’s Best Private Pool Villa 2021

 “America’s Best Private Villa 2021

The International Travel Awards recognize the excellent performers in the travel and tourism industry such hotels / resorts, tourism Boards, travel companies, attractions and etc. Their presence extends over 50 countries as they process contenders through 6 review stages prior to selection of winners within a certain category.

Follow our journey as we continue to uphold our standard of excellence and garner further recognition for our hospitality program.

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