Ketsali Membership Benefits

Non-Member Participation

We envision through at least the first 12 months of launch Ketsali will require support with partners interested in booking accommodations at our secured locations.

Bookings would require commitment at least 3 months in advance.

One-night deposit would be required to secure. A week in advance to booking full payment for stay will be required.

Commitments from travel agents and or booking agencies will be secured.

Individual Memberships

We are proposing a three-month introductory period for the first ten members. This will be our proof of concept period which will allow us to expand our experiences and property portfolio in alignment with those members’ wishes.    Our members will help us define what they expect to see and want in their membership experience.

After our first ten members, there will be a maximum of 100 member slots available per region; Dallas will be the first region, followed by other major metropolitan regions.    Additional member slots may be available depending on our capacity to deliver guest experience and property availability.      

Membership dues will be paid out monthly, provides members with exclusive access to the Ketsali Properties and affiliates. Room rates will be applied but at a 15% discount to members.

  1. Two-year contract: $3500 per month
  2. Five-year contract: $2500 per month


Card Program: With our partnership with BBVA, our members will have access to an exclusive card program that provides all the benefits of a corporate card for personal use. This card program is also extremely secure for domestic and international use.

Escrow account: Members will set their own credit limit on their cards by form of a cash deposit into an escrow account. The major benefit of this account is that as more members join the program, the return rate increases. This essentially creates another source of earnings for our members.

MasterCard World Elite Black Card: The most widely accepted and secure credit card provides our members $0 international fees, fraud detection and prevention, and access to over 1000 priority lounges across the globe.

Luxury Brand Discounts: Ketsali has established partnerships with local luxury retailers which enables our members to have discounts for all their purchases at those locations.

Clubhouse: The Ketsali team is currently proposing to build a club house for our members in Dallas. This location will offer our members the opportunity to network, dine, and use at their will. We will also utilize this space to host events to benefit the community.     We plan to offer an elevated dining experience at this location.

Ecommerce: With our luxury brand partnerships, our members will be able to purchase their products directly from our website at a discount

  1. Jewelry
  2. Men’s and Women’s Clothing and accessories
  3. Furniture
  4. Art – Partner with local San Miguel de Allende Art Galleries– there are great products
    for sale there that can be marketed through Ketsali.
  5. Liquor
Corporate Memberships

At the core, Ketsali is more than just a hospitality group. Our mission is to unify people and cultures through luxury experiences. As an organization, before we make decision that affect our business or brand image, we ask ourselves, “will the end result of this decision help to unify people and cultures?”

The definition of our organization’s culture has inspired us to share our message with other corporations to aid in unifying their employees and cultures. Our corporate memberships will enable organizations to embark on experiences that have yet to be offered to the corporate world. Also, corporate owned leisure
properties have declined significantly over the last decade.

Investor perception is critical and influential to how a corporation invests its capital. With a Ketsali corporate membership, businesses gain access to properties all over the world without it affecting current liabilities on their financial sheets.