Our Story

This journey begins with an incredible husband & wife duo,
who focused on growing the most important bond.

The bond between family.

Founded in 2019 by Keren & Chris Martin, a wife & husband dynamic with a passion for family, hospitality, and community. The two have built Ketsali to be a global luxury brand that focuses on bringing families or teams closer together through immersive cultural experiences.

With a background conducting international business through the telecoms industry, the pair have been circulating the world for many years. Traveling and even living in distant lands such as the Far East, all the way to South America – makes it difficult for anyone to have stability in a life of constant change. Yet a few important themes emerged that defined the path the pair would take moving forward: Cultural Immersion, Empathy, Community – and most important of all – Family.

These details are intentionally curated in every aspect of their concept, even down to the origin of the name. Deriving from the word used by the indigenous Nahuatl people – for the immaculate Quetzal bird of Mexico & South America, Ketsali aims to embody this creatures awe-inspiring beauty, while respecting its nature. 

This will be done through memorable moments, that blend history, art, and culture, into a sustainable, luxury experience.

An immigrant who became a natural citizen and Hispanic woman-in-business, Keren Trejo Martin relishes the opportunity to provide a platform that shares her heritage. She loves hosting and entertaining, a passion that stems from being a mother and valuing the beauty of spirituality.

Giving back is an integral part of her DNA—not to mention, a driver for starting this journey.

Her late father always reminded her, 

“No matter what successes come into your life, it’s your duty to always share it with others.”


Ketsali was founded upon these elements and the importance of understanding the global impact we can create, while reflecting on the things that matter the most to us: each other.

What to expect from a

Ketsali Experience


Our properties are located in culturally-rich areas of the world, traditionally untouched by modern tourism. We want our guests to feel enriched with the history, art, and traditions of the areas we reside within.


Experience elevated luxury thats influenced from the local societies, with access to modern amenities that cater to every possible need.


Respecting the existing population, we always invest back into the community by providing opportunities for the local societies to be involved in the development, design, and management of the properties.

We pride ourselves on our constant focus on becoming the platform for luxury, yet sustainable experiences that give back as excessively as much as our guests receive. 

In addition to the concepts that are being developed around the world, we crafting a platform that aims to allow our guests to continue building memories back home, long after they’ve returned from their journeys.

Learn more about Ketsali and the philanthropic initiatives we’re proud to lead.

With the common goal of unity through history, luxury, and cultural immersion, the possibilities of creating wonderful memories through our experiences are endless, when you become a part of the Ketsali family.

The Talent

An exceptional group of talented individuals from various backgrounds. The best experiences require the best teams to create them.

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