“No matter what successes come into your life, it’s your duty to always share it with others.”

The words from Keren Trejo Martin’s father that set her on this path.

The Mission Begins with Our Local Community

This includes the families of everyone involved in the communities that we reside within. 

From our home here in Dallas, Texas, to our properties around the globe, when members invest with Ketsali, they are investing into the communities we impact.

Why is this Important?

We believe that most real estate development and the current model of tourism is unsustainable, and when left unchecked, will create negative, lasting impacts on the communities that experience it.

Thats why we want the communities to be involved and make the rules that benefit their societies in the years to come.

Charity Events

Ketsali has hosted a number of high-profile charity events. Partnering with luxury businesses in Dallas, Texas – we’ve raised over $50,000+ for the surrounding school districts.

Community involvement

From delivering face covers, food, to other necessities, getting our feet on the ground to support our neighbors reminds us what we stand for.

Sustainable initiatives

We seek to empower the communities that our properties reside within both at home and abroad. By providing opportunities for the local population to get involved in the development, we not only support the essence of the culture, but we would also provide for the families working with us.

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