The benefits of owning multiple homes without the headaches, for a fraction of the price.

Instead of purchasing a property at full price or buying a timeshare, members are able to purchase a second home at a fraction of the total cost while owning more than just the “right-to-use” the real estate. Each member actually owns a portion of the property.

This is possible because we’ve created a US based LLC, which owns an entity that owns the real estate property,* split into 10 equal shares.

Owned by a USA-based LLC

The investment LLC will be separated into 10 equal shares of the real estate property.

One member can own up to 50% of the property.

For more information, visit the FAQ

The best value for 30 Days of Vacation use

Don’t overpay for a vacation stay. For the 30 days per unit allocated to each member, they’ll be paying much less per day versus a luxury vacation rental.

Additionally, a member’s investment may appreciate in value where a luxury rental is merely an expense.

*Read FAQ for an example pricing breakdown

Gain More Than Just Your Money Back​

When the property is liquidated, members will receive their initial investment plus 80% of the appreciation value of the home. This system provides members with a safe real estate investment. Real estate has been historically used as a hedge against inflation.

What Comes With Fractional Ownership of a Property Unit?

Each unit allows the member to control the property for 30 days in a calendar year.

In-House Property Management and Operations for Maximum Ownership Convenience.

Ketsali Property Management will manage and maintain the property, including all monthly expenditures. These costs are covered by an annual charge to members.

Sell Your Share Like Any Other Investment.*

Just like traditional ownership of real estate, each member is able to sell their share of the LLC.

*after a 3 year holding period.

Advantages Ketsali Buying 100% of Home Renting a Home Timeshare
No Initial Investment
Ownership of an Expensive Luxury Home
... at a Fraction of the Cost
Easy Home and Expenses Management
Benefits of Potential Real Estate Appreciation


One-Time fees for Unit purchase includes:

  • Cost of the Home
  • Cost of Home Upgrade & Commission Fees
  • Cost of Ketsali Service Fee

Recurring Costs for
Unit Ownership

  • Pro-Rata Share of Property Operating Expenses
  • Ketsali Asset Management Fee

Your Home. Your Rules.

Access everything about the home through the management app.

This platform allows members to book stays, message the property manager before visits, check operational expenses, and much more.

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