"Ketsali Develops High Quality Luxury Homes and Regenerative Villages.
Quality is Closely Associated with Sustainability"


Ketsali is a brand created by GlenMartin to specialize in real estate projects focused around ultra-luxury residential regenerative village development. Here are just some of the qualities and features in a Ketsali Regen Village:

  • Private Equity Fund – Ketsali development fund brings appropriate infrastructure funding to a sustainable village. The Infrastructure funds stakeholders include long term Pension Fund partners and a shorter-duration LP/GP partners.    Typical villages require initial development investment appropriate supportive infrastructure to support the overall expansion of the community.   A Regen Village developed by Ketsali is characterized by a strong emphasis in water conservation, off grid power loop, closed loop HVAC shared among residents and a localized food source cared for and maintained by residents.   Long term pension fund is repaid back by monthly fees generated through utility services.   Short term LP/GP partners are repaid by the development and sell of lots.   
  • Residential Regen Village developments focus on unique features and amenities not found in traditional developments:
    • Energy efficient and optimized HVAC featuring Variable Rate Flow (VRF) systems through a hot/cold loop shared by residents.    Homes are characterized by the use of a heat exchanger units.   
    • Service roads and walkways utilize low impact solutions that allow water permeability rather than storm water runoff.  
    • Homes are optimized for energy efficiency and optimized structural characteristics.   We advocate for Insulated Concrete Form construction.
    • Water conservation standards are maintained at the highest levels within Ketsali Regen Villages.
    • Closed loop backup power systems ensure village operations are maintained regardless of the grid status. We advocate Regen Villages that utilize electrified battery-operated vehicles for transportation,   Homes likewise are electrified through battery banks that work in conjunction with electrical batteries.     
    • Best in Class outdoor living areas with an emphasis in plant life that supports food sources for the Regen Village.    

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Ketsali believes that only high-quality well-designed homes can offer maximum optimization in appreciable value over time while at the same time offer sustainability within our environment.    Homes and villages must be built for a longer term of use in excess 100 years.   


Ketsali Encourages Adoption of Regenerative home Standards and Villages. ketsali embellishes the true meaning of sustainable development uniting mind, body and soul with ones neighbors. "



Regenerative building standards provide a wholistic viewpoint from foundation designs to finishes and reinvents what it means to own a home.

This design build approach allows us to:

Optimize the process of development

Create highly customized solutions

cost overruns

Heat transfer studies are performed on all building envelops Ketsali develops.

Optimized heating and cooling systems generally adopt central cooling and heating loop theories.

We are thus supporters of VRF HVAC systems rather than forced air systems.


Ketsali seeks to be a market leader in the development of Regenerative Village Development. They desire to build a brand that is known for its quality and excellence.


Our Luxury Residential Developments Include:

  • Development of all Initial Architectural and Construction Plans
  • Entitlement Process Up to Construction Permit
  • Project Budgeting
  • Ongoing Project Management in Accordance with Project Budgets and Timelines
  • Long-term Asset Management

… are just a few of our integrated services we offer within our program.


Our Land Development:

  • Purchase Land and Retain Development Rights on Select Lot’s
  • Planned Community Development
  • Development of Utility Infrastructure
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electrical/Power
  • Telecommunications
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Associated complimentary anchor tenants etc.


Planned community development is really a cornerstone to value creation in a luxury home development program. Both must be complimentary. Our typical planned communities generally include an anchor development and or Ketsali home.

We equally look for additional long term real estate stakeholders to support with a long-term sustainable development.

These communities develop an urban plan that includes all necessary infrastructure that optimizes a planned community. This includes water, sewer, electrical, telecommunications, storm water runoff, streets along with sustainable eco system that compliments the community.

Ketsali supports and works closely with equity fund managers. Currently we are working closely with Ketsali Real Estate Equity Fund I. The development is run and managed by Ketsali on behalf the fund manager. Ketsali supports the fund in all developments, provides high quality standards, branding, development services, budgeting, project management and general asset onboarding and asset management services.

Naturally a group that can maintain this process from inception throughout the life of the asset offers enormous benefits to all stakeholders. Ketsali employs building information modeling (BIM) throughout the design process. We believe the design must drive the entire project including all budgeting. Optimization can only occur with an integrated process.

Here are few of our key priorities

Develop a budget that integrates with architectural design, that works for our customer.

We integrate our project management tools with our accounting software to offer a highly traceable job tracking solution.

The benefits extend well beyond the initial development and become an essential element to long term asset management.

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