The Family Expands: Joel Cortez joins as General Manager of Hospitality Operations, Mexico

The Ketsali Family

The Ketsali Family

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We have another addition to our family as our Mexican-based operations continue to expand.

We are pleased to announce a new employee joining our family. Joel Cortez will be taking on the role of General Manager of Hospitality Operations in Mexico. 

Joel Cortez began his career in the hospitality industry more than 11 years ago and has functioned as a hospitality operations manager for Ultra luxury properties around the world. His tenure includes such companies as Rosewood, the Four Seasons, and Auberge. Joel’s career path has taken him to multiple international destinations, creating opportunities to hone his management skills in a variety of settings and cultures. Namely, Joel brings to Ketsali a finely tuned proficiency in the provision of a consistent and universal high-quality experience for his guests.

Our President and Co-Founder; Keren Trejo Martin shared the following statement: “As our property in San Miguel de Allende is nearing completion and our sights are towards the development of more destinations around the world, we needed to fill a void of having an operations manager with vast experience in launching luxury properties.” 

Joel will take the lead as the new  armonía property in San Miguel de Allende prepares to open for business. We are confident that he will meet the challenge with his boots on the ground, speaking the native language, and ensuring the processes are going smoothly without the traditional barriers in distance, time, and culture. armonía is the first Ketsali venue to open its doors, and Joel has been entrusted with the charge of ensuring a seamless transition into day-to-day operations. 

In addition to spearheading the maiden voyage for the armonía resort, Joel will also be using that experience to write the playbook for future Ketsali venues. His expertise in managing high quality hospitality experiences will lay the framework for the processes that we will consistently replicate across all future properties.

Customers and current employees alike are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome Joel as the company’s new General Manager of Hospitality Operations in Mexico, for the armonía destination. We believe that Joel will help the company fine-tune their operations, both with the protocol of grand openings, as well as with the establishment of optimal day-to-day workflow and hospitality.  

Joel joins a team of seasoned individuals, all of whom can be found by clicking here

ABOUT KETSALI HOSPITALITY — Ketsali is a luxury hospitality management and real estate developer that brings families closer together by turning cultural destinations into lasting memories. Through our approach to hospitality operations, we aim to provide a world-class experience, filled with cultural immersion. Our initial focus is on properties based in Latin America with plans to expand throughout the rest of the world. Our current development, armonía in San Miguel De Allende, will open its doors to welcome guests on June 1, 2021. Learn more about the Ketsali family by visiting and following us on our various social networks at @KetsaliHospitality.

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